Telemedicine Platform

The EPOWERdoc TeleDoc Telemedicine Platform provides a comprehensive, web based solution for the practice of Telemedicine. Current Telemedicine platforms require the combination of multiple systems for achieving patient access, documentation of the encounter, coding and billing, and administrative features. TeleDoc is the only platform that combines all of these features in one seamless system, allowing comprehensive and efficient care in a single environment.

Technical Functionality Features

  • TeleDoc provides a secure, HIPPA Compliant, Audio/Visual Telecommunication Portal for the patient and provider in a Web based format compatible with mobility devices and Microsoft, IOS, and Android operating systems.
  • TeleDoc Mobile App or website portal allow direct patient access to the platform for initiating a patient encounter.
  • TeleDoc is compatible with outside host Telecommunications portals already in use by a client.

Clinical Functionality Features

  • Virtual Patient Waiting Room allowing Provider tracking of patient status and notification of Provider by secure messaging of patient entry.
  • Ability for Provider review of patient demographic and medical information prior to encounter. 
  • Capacity for Direct to Patient or Consultant to Provider encounters.
  • Generation of patient medical record with content appropriate for Chief Complaint that meets Standard of Care and requirements for reimbursement and Quality Metrics in a standard H&P format for Patient to Provider encounter, or Consultant Note format for Consultant to Provider encounter.
  • E-Prescription Module

Administrative Features

  • Medical Record can be electronically stored, retrieved, and transferred to host EHR, Coding, Billing, Primary Care Provider, or patient.
  • Patient portal allows capture of patient demographic information, medical history, and payment information from mobility input prior to encounter.
  • Ability for electronic transaction of payment prior to service.
  • Optional Coding Assist Engine for coding of record and transfer to Billing.
  • Comprehensive Administrative Reporting Module with standard and customizable Reports.
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