Telemedicine Platform

The EPOWERdoc TURBOdoc Telemedicine Platform provides a comprehensive, web-based solution for the rapidly expanding practice of Telemedicine. Current Telemedicine platforms require the combination of multiple systems for achieving patient access, documentation of the encounter, e-prescription, coding and billing, and administrative features. TURBOdoc is the only Electronic Health Record (EHR) available for the practice of Telemedicine and contains all of the features necessary for completion of a patient encounter in one platform.

Technical Functionality Features

  • TURBOdoc provides a secure, HIPPA Compliant, Audio/Visual Telecommunication Portal for the patient and provider in a Web based format compatible with Microsoft, IOS, and Android operating systems and mobility devices.

  • Compatible with most existing client hardware and infrastructure. 

  • TURBOdoc Mobile App or Website Portal allow direct patient access to the platform for initiating a patient encounter.

  • TURBOdoc is compatible with outside host Telecommunications portals already in use by a client.

Clinical Functionality Features

  • Virtual Patient Waiting Room allowing Provider tracking of patient status and notification of Provider by secure messaging of patient entry.

  • Ability for Provider review of patient demographic and medical information prior to encounter.

  • Capacity for Direct to Patient or Consultant to Provider encounters.

  • Specialty Specific and Condition Specific within a specialty medical content for appropriate creation of Consultant Medical Record for legal and coding requirements.

  • Generation of patient Medical Record with content appropriate for Chief Complaint medical content that meets Standard of Care and requirements for reimbursement and Quality Metrics in a standard H&P format.

  • E-Prescription Module.

  • Discharge Instructions and Provider follow-up referral tool.

Administrative Features

  • Medical Record can be electronically stored, retrieved, and transferred to host EHR, Coding, Billing, Primary Care Provider, or patient.

  • Patient Portal allows capture of patient demographic information, medical history, and payment information from mobility input prior to encounter.

  • Ability for electronic transaction of payment prior to service.

  • Optional Coding Assist Engine for coding of record and transfer to Billing.

  • Comprehensive Administrative Reporting Module with standard and customizable Reports.

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