Physician Charting

EPOWERdoc is among the most comprehensive emergency department documentation providers on the market, with a system that allows for fast and easy electronic medical charting. In addition to our electronic medical charting solutions, we are the leading provider of print on demand Physician and Nursing documentation template systems.

Electronic Solutions

The EMRDoc physician charting system incorporates the unique EPOWERdoc data entry format that was pioneered in our widely accepted paper template systems into an electronic medical record that permits extraordinarily fast charting and ease of use. When building EMRDoc, we listened to the advice of nurses and physicians to ensure that our electronic medical charting tool meets your needs. EPOWERdoc’s unique electronic chart design and data entry format allow the user, with the touch of a pen, to document their findings. Handwriting and voice recognition and keyboard entry capacities enhance the already simple data input process. The Result — revolutionary electronic medical charting with documentation speeds that rival paper template documentation.

Electronic Medical Charting Features

  • Handwriting recognition, voice recognition, and keyboard entry for free text input

  • Unparalleled complaint, age, and gender specific documentation with 340 multiple title complaint capacity on one record

  • Clinical prompting, decision making assistance, and allergy and drug interaction warnings

  • Risk management information naturally incorporated with logic that doesn’t disrupt documentation flow

  • Nursing and Physician charting data sharing in real time; there is “no save button”

  • Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) with order status tracking

  • Easy-to-create user-customizable Discharge Instructions; English and Spanish automatically included

  • Electronic prescription writing or E-Scripting option at an extra costs

  • Prose “dictation-like” end document

  • Easily exported completed records into hospital’s document management system or to another hospital approved location

  • Physician coding assist with CMS compliance

  • CMS Quality Indicator capture and prompting

  • Tablet or fixed station compatible

  • Provider performance report generation

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