Nurse Charting (NursingDoc)

To complement our Physician Template system, we offer NursingDoc. This print on demand Nursing template system makes use of the same software as the PhysicianDoc or TSG PowerDoc templates, and offers the same great nurse charting features to include a matching number of templates.

Electronic Solutions

EMRDoc is a versatile information management and documentation system that delivers a robust patient management and tracking system coupled with a revolutionary new electronic medical health record charting system. The unique nursing documentation module allows the emergency room nurse to improve efficiency and speed, while at the same time thoroughly capturing the patient encounter and avoiding inaccurate nurse charting procedures. This not only optimizes patient care and assures compliance with JCAHO standards, but also enhances proper facility coding and billing operations.

The EMRDoc nurse charting system incorporates the unique EPOWERdoc data entry format that was pioneered in our widely accepted paper template systems into an electronic medical health record that permits extraordinarily fast charting and ease of use. In addition, we made sure to build the system to be an effective tool for nurses to document medical electronic records. EPOWERdoc’s unique electronic chart design and data entry format allow the user, with the touch of a pen, to document their findings. Handwriting and voice recognition and keyboard entry capacities enhance the already simple data input process. The Result --- a revolutionary new EMR that has documentation speeds that rival paper template documentation.

Electronic Medical Health Record Charting Features:

  • Handwriting recognition, voice recognition, and keyboard entry for free text input

  • Includes triage, nursing assessment, progress notes, nursing procedures, and disposition sections

  • Customizable for site preferences and JCAHO safety assessments

  • Integrates seamlessly with physician documentation

  • All data entry is time and date stamped

  • Clinical prompting, and allergy and drug interaction warnings

  • Prose “dictation- like” end document with free text capacity

  • Tablet or fixed station compatible

  • Real time synchronization with and prepopulation of common information on Physician chart

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