EPOWERdoc Reporting

EPOWERdoc’s standard reports include:

  • Clinical reports for operational efficiency
  • Productivity reports for all providers
  • JCAHO core measure reporting
  • Quality assurance measurement

Patient Log Reports:

Includes the patient name, chief complaint, Physician, Primary Nurse, Disposition and Total Number

  • Specific Time frame of listing of patients
  • Sort / Filter by Chief Complaint
  • Sort / Filter by Mode of Arrival
  • Sort / Filter by Provider

Throughput Reports:

Time points are: Registration, Triage, To Room, To Nurse, To Doc, Disposition, Time Out of ED

  • Length of Stay Average times
  • LOS specific to patient
  • Sort by Provider
  • Sort by Disposition
  • Admission Holds

Disposition Reports:

Both the total numbers and the specific patient information

  • LWBS
  • AWOL
  • AMA
  • Admissions
  • Transfers
  • Expirations
  • Discharge
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