EMRdoc Reporting

EMRDoc List of Standard Reports

Ad Hoc Reports:

The EMRDoc system is designed for every entry during the documentation process to become a data element.  As a result, reports can be generated on demand for any of these individual data elements or any combinations.

  • Patient Reports
  • Patient Log
  • Daily Activity Log
  • Disposition Location and Volume
  • Arrival Origin and Mode
  • Return Visits
  • Hourly/Shift/Daily/Monthly/Quarterly Summary
  • Patients by Age
  • Patients by Gender
  • Patients by Zip Code
  • Patients by Family Doctor
  • Patients by Diagnosis
  • Patients left (AMA, LWBS, Elopement, Expire)
  • Patients by Billing Code
  • Transfers
  • Transfer Locations
  • Admits
  • Direct Admits
  • ED Holds
  • HIPPA Log
  • JCAHO Screening Compliance Log
  • Risk Management Report
  • Charge Capture

Time Studies

Patient Volume by Hour/Shift/Day of Week/Month/Quarter/Year

  • List of all patients and disposition in a selected time frame
  • Disposition Volume
  • Totals by day and disposition type in a selected time frame
  • Return Visits
  • In a selected time frame, this report list all patients returned in 24, 48, and 72 hours
  • Average Time from Arrival to Disposition
  • Average Time from Registration to Triage
  • Average Time from Triage to Nurse
  • Average Time to See Provider
  • Average Time in Waiting Room
  • Average Time per Patient by Provider
  • Average Time by Chief Complaint
  • Average Time by Acuity Level
  • Average Triage Time
  • Length of Stay by Disposition
  • Length of Stay by Diagnosis
  • Admission Delays
  • Patients per Hour per Room

Provider Productivity

  • Provider Practice Profiling
  • Actual and Average Length of Stay by Provider
  • Actual and Average Patient Volume by Provider
  • Admissions by Provider
  • Orders by Provider
  • Average # Tests by Provider
  • Patient Returns by Provider
  • Medications by Provider
  • Nursing Procedures
  • Provider Risk Management Compliance

Activity Logs

  • Access to Clinical Information
  • Access to Risk Prompting
  • HIPPA Access Log
  • HL7 Error Log
  • EMRDoc Error Log

Clinical Information

  • Left Without Treatment
  • Left Without Treatment Risk Indicators
  • E&M Level by Hour
  • Triage Acuity Class
  • Charts Not Signed
  • Chief Complaint Log
  • Diagnosis Log
  • Trauma Log
  • Top Prescribed Medications
  • Top Prescribed Medications by Physician
  • Medications per Chief Complaint and Diagnosis
  • Top Lab Orders
  • Top Lab Orders by Physician
  • Orders by Chief Complaint
  • Disposition by Chief Complaint
  • Provider Procedures
  • Nursing Procedures
  • Identified Symptom, Physical Finding, or PMH Summary
  • Syndrome Bio-surveillance


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