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The most flexible Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) available, EMRDoc is designed specifically for integration with existing hospital HIS. Whether you’re HIS is large or small, EPOWERdoc has a design that allows for seamless data flow to promote continuity of care and allowing you to meet ARRA Meaningful Use initiatives. Additionally, EPOWERdoc has options available to allow for Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and final record transfer into the hospital system.

And at EPOWERdoc YOUR implementation is our priority. We offer you a team of Emergency Department doctors and nurses to provide SuperUser training and shadowing after GoLive. This helps your staff to feel comfortable with EMRdoc, leading to greater proficiency at startup. We are confident that taking the extra step of providing Clinicians onsite for reference greatly accelerates the speed of transition and provides an extra layer of safety during implementation. Our investment in your implementation is just the beginning. And just as the Emergency Department is never closed, we are always there with 24/7/365 support for the life of your engagement with EMRdoc.

Our approach to integration and support features:

  • Interface Engine Allows Seamless HIS Integration

  • CPOE, Final Record, and Data Transfer

  • Medications, Allergies, and Med Reconciliation Integration

  • Onsite Classroom Education

  • GoLive Shadowing by ED Nurses and Physicians

  • 24 x 7 x 365 Backend Support Team for System and Interfaces

  • Personal Project Representatives Assigned to Every Client for the Life of the Account

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For immediate assistance, call 1.877.200.4191
For non emergent issues, please email support at support@epowerdoc.com

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