EDIS Solutions for Freestanding Emergency Centers & Urgent Care

In the quickly evolving Freestanding Emergency Center (FEC) market, EPOWERdoc has established itself as the leader in providing efficient and comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) solutions. Boasting the fastest EMR on the market, EPOWERdoc offers a suite of services designed specifically for Freestanding Emergency Center environment.  Key features of the EPOWERdoc EMR solution for Freestanding Emergency Centers include:

  • Charting and workflow designed by practicing Emergency Physicians and Nurses to drive efficiency in the Freestanding Emergency Center environment

  • Integrated facility and professional ICD – 9 and 10 coding module

  • Comprehensive patient-registration module

  • Comprehensive Discharge and Patient Education module

  • Certified e-Prescription module

  • Compliance, Meaningful Use and Administrative reporting module

  • Cloud Hosting, Coding, and Billing Services available

WATCH: Five Star ER in Texas Benefits from EPOWERdoc Solutions

These features come in addition to the features built into our comprehensive EMR, including:

  • Customizable ED Tracking Board and Patient Status Monitoring

  • Interfaced Electronic Order Entry (CPOE) to lab and x-ray system with electronic return results

  • Interoperability and interfacing with existing Hospital HIS or facility billing system

  • Real Time Clinical Decision Support, Clinical Prompting, and Drug Interaction Warnings

  • Facility Coding Engine and Physician Coding Assist Tool

  • Simultaneous Physician and Nursing Documentation with real time co-population of record

  • 150 adult and pediatric Chief Complaints with proven age and gender-specific content

  • Ability to add multiple Chief Complaints on the fly

  • Proprietary Prose Engine creates human syntax Final Record in dictation sounding format

  • Patent Pending design allows maintaining throughput times without upstaffing or scribes

  • Discharge Module with Exitcare® Discharge Instructions

As the largest provider of documentation system solutions to providers in the rapidly growing FEC market, EPOWERdoc is prepared to meet your unique needs. For more information or to demo the product, please fill out the form below or contact us at (515) 868-5003.

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