Discharge Instructions

Discharge Instructions (EMRDoc)

Efficiency and speed are crucial in the Emergency Department, and when it comes to providing detailed discharge instructions EMRDoc excels. Our comprehensive discharge instruction module integrates seamlessly within EMRDoc to provide fast, detailed and individualized information for each patient.

Our EMRDoc Discharge Instruction module offers:

  • More than 1,000 well written titles, written at a level that is easy for most people to comprehend. 

  • An explanation in easy-to-understand language when any of hundreds of medical terms are used.

  • Titles that can be easily edited by authorized users and saved as templates for future use.

  • Instructions available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Vietnamese (with more languages to come).

  • Call back feature allowing practitioners to queue patients for further follow-up based on diagnosis and treatment.

  • Ability to write work, school and activity excuses

  • Prescription writer that allows practitioner-specific writing preferences and E-scribing using the Dr. First supplied tool


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