Texas Provider to Use VitalTelemed Platform

January 22, 2021

ATLANTA, Ga.— VitalTelemed has been selected to provide its Telemedicine EHR Platform at the practice of Douglas Kasper, MD, LLC in Spring, Texas. The VitalTelemed team is working with Dr. Kasper's Information Technology staff to bring the Telemedicine EHR Platform live.

Dr. Kasper's clinic provides virtual urgent care services to patients in the Spring area. The addition of the VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform will allow Dr. Kasper to offer virtual visits for a variety of conditions, which is vital to ensure healthcare needs continue to be met during the COVID-19 pandemic.

VitalTelemed has been successful in providing a solution that meets the unique needs of healthcare providers like Dr. Kasper. The VitalTelemed platform was designed by practicing Emergency Department physicians and offers an array of intuitive tools aimed at facilitating efficient and effective remote care in the emergency department, urgent care and clinic settings.

In addition to urgent care clinics, VitalTelemed offers telemedicine to micro-hospitals, hospitals and physician clinics.

The VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform was designed by the team at EPOWERdoc. EPOWERdoc is a leader in computerized Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS), using a design team comprised of emergency physicians and nurses.  Additionally, EPOWERdoc provides superior medical content for other vendor EMR builds. The EPOWERdoc mission is centered around excellence, integrity and service.


The EPOWERdoc VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform provides a comprehensive, web-based solution for the rapidly expanding practice of Telemedicine. Current Telemedicine platforms require the combination of multiple systems for achieving patient access, documentation of the encounter, e-prescription, coding and billing, and administrative features. VitalTelemed is the only platform that is a Telemedicine EHR and combines all of these features into one seamless system, allowing comprehensive and efficient care in a single environment.


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