EPOWERdoc the choice for Elite Care Emergency Centers

October 17, 2014

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Elite Care Emergency Centers, which operates six stand-alone Emergency Department sites in Texas recently selected the electronic medical record (EMR) platform offered by EPOWERdoc to manage patient records and facilitate care. Elite Care Emergency Centers operates in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

EPOWERdoc has been successful in providing a solution that meets the unique needs of standalone 24/7 Emergency Departments like Elite Care Emergency Centers. The EPOWERdoc platform was designed by practicing Emergency Department physicians and offers a array of intuitive tools aimed at facilitating efficient and effective care in the emergency department.

In addition to standalone Emergency Departments, EPOWERdoc offers a full suite EMR of solutions and paper-based documentation tools to hospital-based emergency departments.

About EPOWERdoc

EPOWERdoc is a leader in computerized Emergency Department Information Systems (EDIS), using a design team comprised of emergency physicians and nurses. Additionally, EPOWERdoc provides superior medical content for other vendor EMR builds. As it was from the beginning, the EPOWERdoc mission is centered around excellence, integrity and service. Every employee is committed to going above and beyond in meeting the needs of the client, while focusing on the specialized needs of the physicians, nurses and hospitals they serve.

About Elite Care Emergency Center

Elite Care Emergency Center is focused on providing a patient-centered, emergency center with state-of-the-art laboratory and radiology equipment on site. All of the doctors on medical staff are board eligible, and Elite Care Emergency Center registered nurses and technicians are all emergency trained in the necessary fields. Elite Care Emergency Center operates six stand-alone Emergency Department sites in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio.

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