EPOWERdoc Praised for Ease of Use

August 8, 2014

EPOWERdoc was praised for its ease-of-use in a popular industry blog recently. In a post penned by Edwin Leap, MD, on the KevinMD.com blog. In discussing his dissatisfaction with the vast majority of information systems for Emergency Departments, Dr. Leap pointed to EPOWERdoc as a leader in the industry.

Here is an excerpt from the column:

"Having said that, I repeat that I have used systems that I understood and could use competently in 30 minutes. Why aren’t these more popular? Because if we want physicians to use EMR, and we want those physicians to do their jobs effectively and quickly, we need to simplify and streamline.

Which ones, you ask? First of all, EPOWERdoc. I have used this at two facilities and found it to be delightfully simple, with a very gentle learning curve. I learned, and used it, within about 15 minutes. The doctor leaving night shift showed it to me and I used it seamlessly for the next 12 hours and from then on at that, and another, facility."

For the full article, please visit: http://www.kevinmd.com/blog/2014/08/bad-emrs-forced-physicians.html

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