Is your product hosted on EPOWERdoc web based server or ours?

The server will be hosted by the hospital. The major utilization of the server will be to run the Database and storage of data such as pictures and scanned images. The important features on the server are memory, disk space and availability. It is highly desirable that the server be configured with a Raid controller and if possible, for performance reasons, we recommend keeping the log file in a different spindle from the main database. We also recommend a server that can have the ability to grow in storage space and memory.  Depending on the volume of pictures and scanned documents, the disk space can grow rapidly. Images can be stored in a different server or NAS device.  It is also recommended that sufficient space be available for archiving.

The server must be accessible remotely for the deployment of updates, maintenance, and support. The most common access to the server is via a VPN/RDC. The server must have access to the internet for downloads, updates, etc.

Servers that fit the recommendations:

  • IBM System x3650/x3550 3 GHz
  • HP Proliant DL385 3 GHz
  • Dell Power Edge 2950 2.8 GHz

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