Is the EPOWERdoc EDIS designed for single stand alone ED locations or multiple hospital ED locations?

The program is designed to accommodate either a single stand alone location or a multi-site system. If the server is required to be housed outside of the Hospital or in a central location for multi-site purposes, since the architecture of EMRdoc is client server, there are three approaches that can be taken - outside of a standard IP address on a common network.

  1. The first is the utilization of a VPN accessing the server(s) via IP. For this methodology the appropriate security, bandwidth and redundancy must be in place and maintained by the Hospital Information and Technology Team.
  2. Utilization of a Citrix model where the application would be running on the server side via a Citrix connection.
  3. Terminal Server

In all cases, the volume of patients or the volume of the users connected simultaneously to the main server will dictate the final hardware configuration for the server. For those cases we recommend a “Server Farm with load balancing” and proper redundancy for the internet connection, servers, raid system, etc.

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