EPOWERdoc is one of many Best in Class EDIS providers, what differentiates EPOWERdoc from the others?

EPOWERdoc is a leader in the Emergency Department documentation industry. With nearly 15 years experience, EPOWERdoc has evolved from a paper template provider to the forefront of EMR design. Our electronic product, EMRdoc, is an Emergency Department Information System that sets itself apart for its intuitive design and exceptional user-interface.

What sets EMRdoc apart from the competition begins and ends with the speed of the product. The unique data entry system and template design allow both physicians and nurses to move through a chart in just minutes. EMRdoc is the fastest system on the market today.

Our speed is made possible by the patent-pending navigation features inherent in the system. Navigating within the system is user-friendly and allows providers to have multiple charts open at the same time. Providers can switch between open records in one-click and have access to the entire chart, including orders, nursing and physician documentation in a single screen.
Easier navigation translates into improved workflow. The product is ED specific and designed to match the workflow of the Emergency Department. The system is scalable to match the needs of any department, ranging from a Critical Access hospital to a tertiary care center.

Because our company’s foundation is documentation, the clinical content on EMRdoc is second-to-none on the market. We have 140 chief complaints that providers can choose from, which are also pre-sorted by age and gender, giving the clinician very specific, tailored documentation.

The speed and navigation are made possible by the patent-pending design features. Once a user leaves the tracking board and enters a patient chart, they have access to the entire chart in one screen. We limit pop-up boxes and drop-down menus to provide a smooth user-interface. Clinicians can access any other open record in just one click without having to return to the tracking board.

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