Do we purchase or lease your EDIS? How are the software updates provided under either of these financial arrangements?

EPOWERdoc utilizes an annual licensing/maintenance fee structure for usage of our EDIS/EMR system to client hospitals. This fee structure provides the following benefits to our clients:

  1. Eliminates large up-front capital expenditures for purchase of software
  2. Eliminates future capital outlays for new software releases; new release included with annual fee.
  3. EPOWERdoc will provide technical and production personnel to assist with software setup and installation, staff training, and startup support.  Includes initial on-site technical assistance for system and hardware design collaboration, setup and installation of software, interface development for registration interface, lab results and HIS interface and setup with EPOWERdoc System, on-site technical support during installation and initial start-up, staff orientations and training, and general start-up assistance. Travel expenses for EPD Clinical and Technical staff are included within the Implementation Fee.

All updates and new releases are included in the software maintenance agreement.

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