Emergency Consultants, Inc.

By Derek King, MD, President

Emergency Consultants, Inc. (“ECI”) is an emergency department practice management company servicing, through its affiliated liability partnerships (LLPs) and providers, hospital emergency departments rendering care to over 1.7 million patients annually in approximately 25 states. ECI, on behalf of its affiliated groups and healthcare providers, unequivocally endorses the use of the EPOWERdoc electronic record system for its client facility electronic emergency medical documentation needs.

The EMR is intuitive, comprehensive and cost effective. It will improve emergency medical care, increase billing efficiencies, and reduce risk.

ECI affiliated LLPs have entered into a preferred provider agreement with EPOWERdoc to serve their client facility needs. While the ECI affiliated groups have a preferred provider agreement with EPOWERdoc to recommend its EMR product to their client facilities, neither ECI, the LLPs, nor any of their principles, representatives, or affiliates, have any ownership interest in, or receive any compensation whatsoever from EPOWERdoc. The relationship between the ECI affiliated LLPs and EPOWERdoc is solely to enable the LLPs to provide to their valued client facilities what they consider to be the “best of breed” electronic medical record, at a reduced cost.

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